Understanding God’s Great Mystery

By Beth K Fortune
  • June 27, 2015

I love when someone tells me a secret. I'm not talking about gossip but rather a special bit of information that a friend shares with me because they’ve found me trustworthy and faithful.

In his message “Part of God’s Great Mystery,” Dr. Stanley explains that as Christians, we’re a part of a secret God kept throughout the centuries before Jesus’ ministry. During that time, the Gentiles could not join with God’s people unless they went through a conversion process. But when Jesus died on the cross, He made it possible for Gentiles to be grafted into God’s family—without restrictions. Now, in Christ, there’s no more Jew and Gentile—just one body, the church. Jesus’ followers from any and every background now function as a single unit, reflect God’s likeness on earth, and glorify Him.

God still has secrets yet to be unveiled. While His Word is complete, there are mysteries yet to be revealed to us. For example, when we pray for God to show us His will, He can hide the answer until our hearts are right or until the timing is perfect.

Even though we feel special when someone confides in us, how much more amazing is it to be a part of one of God’s greatest surprises!

Dr. Stanley teaches about the game-changing nature of the body of Christ in his message, “Part of God’s Great Mystery,” airing today on the radio.

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