Press Release: Remembering Billy Graham

Dr. Charles Stanley reflects on the recent passing of friend and contemporary Dr. Billy Graham.

By In Touch Ministries Staff
  • February 21, 2018


ATLANTA, February 21, 2018—Shortly after receiving news of the death of Rev. Billy Graham, Dr. Charles Stanley released the following statement:

“When I heard about the passing of Rev. Billy Graham, I felt sadness, of course. But I was also overwhelmed with gratefulness for his faithful life and example. I give thanks to God for the eternal influence he had on my life and so many others.

I first heard Billy Graham as a teenager, and I thought to myself, “That man can preach the gospel!” During a time when the preaching had grown somewhat lifeless and stale, he was different. He spoke with enthusiasm and authority, was filled with the Holy Spirit, and was true to the Word of God. As a young man wanting to serve God, that inspired me profoundly. In fact, when I was studying for the ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Ft. Worth, Texas, I had an opportunity to ask him some doctrinal questions that I was wrestling with. I was struck by how kind and down-to-earth he was—he wasn’t too busy to minister to a struggling seminary student.

But that’s who he was. Rev. Graham was a godly man who cared about others, regardless if they sat in the highest office in the land or were the poorest of the poor on a foreign shore. Jesus loved them, so he did too. And he conveyed the truth in a way no one could misunderstand.

So as I reflect on Billy Graham’s life and think about all the people who he’s led to Christ, not the half has been told about the impact he’s had on eternity. When, one day, all those souls are all assembled together to celebrate his life, it will have to be in heaven because the earth won’t be big enough.

Rev. Billy Graham will undoubtedly be remembered as the greatest evangelist in American history. But as for me, I am grateful to have known him and called him my example and my friend.”


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