Walking With God Is Fun

Enjoying the Presence of Our Heavenly Father

By Linda Canup
  • August 25, 2015

This is fun... Lord, let us have fun together. Amen!

That's how I ended my prayer journal for the day. Yes, I had asked God for guidance, to show me His will, and recorded all the regular praises and requests. But this time, as I finished, I was filled with a sense of energetic anticipation—like a child ready to race his friend down the street. Ready? Set? Go!

You don’t hear many sermons on fun. Maybe that’s because too often “fun” is what gets us into trouble. For sure, pleasure outside of the will of God leads to pain, but within His will, fun builds connections. It draws us closer to God and to others.

It never fails that my husband gets home right before our toddler is supposed to go to bed. “Don’t get him wound up!” I say, but resistance is futile. Excited that daddy is home, our son immediately wants to play with him, and my husband is happy to oblige. I cringe as Daddy swings him around and roughhouses with him; our son laughs and says, “Again!”

I can’t imagine that our heavenly Father is any less enthusiastic about enjoying life with us. Jesus said He wanted to give us an “abundant life” (John 10:10). We miss out if we only come to God when we’re worried, upset, confused, or hurt. While He never fails to comfort, guide, and care for us, as we regularly spend time with Him, He makes our burdens light and frees us to enjoy His blessings and goodness—without a cloud of fear, doubt, and heaviness hanging over us.

Are you only experiencing God when faced with adversity? Make spending time with Him a daily habit, and you’ll see another side of Him—one that loves spending time with us, just having fun.

Dr. Stanley explains how we can have pleasure in God’s strength, love, and provision in his message, “The Positive Power of Joy.”

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