You Can’t Fake Holy

Are You Trying to Hide a Sinful Walk?

By Beth K Fortune
  • August 08, 2015

Hobbling on my new crutches wasn’t as much a concern to me as finding an empty bench. It hadn’t taken me long to realize I couldn’t keep up with my family as they worked their way down their Christmas list at the mall, so I stopped at the benches scattered throughout the building from time to time to rest.

I didn’t mind waiting, but I did mind repeatedly answering questions about my injury and listening to stories from those with whom I shared a bench. The conversations began to wear on me more than the discomfort under my arms from my walking aids. At one point I thought about hiding my crutches behind one of the extra large plants that dotted the mall foyer, but knew I couldn’t hide my hobbling gait.

While our physical movements can, at times, reveal something of our stories, we all have a spiritual walk, too. In his message “Walking in Holiness,” Dr. Charles Stanley reminds us that our walk with Jesus should communicate holiness above all else.

It sounds impossible to do on our own—and it is. But when we accept Jesus’ gift of salvation, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us. And He is holy. He is quick to convict, teach, instruct, lead, and guide us in holiness. Our responsibility is to listen and obey. But if we choose to go our own way and repeatedly say no to Him, our hearts will harden, and holiness will be out of reach.

And if we think we can ride the fence between the two, we will fall. As Dr. Stanley teaches, there’s holiness and there’s sinfulness—and there’s nothing between them. But thankfully, the gift of righteousness is ours through Jesus. We need only to allow Him to transform us into His likeness.

While we may be able to hide a sinful walk from others, we cannot hide it from God. He doesn’t need to see the crutches or a limp, for He sees the heart. How is your walk? What do others see in you? And what does God see in you?

Dr. Stanley’s teaches us how we can follow the Lord’s command to be holy in his message, “Walking in Holiness,” airing today on radio.

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