From Death to Life

In the forests of Paraguay, the spirit of God is on the move.

The Aché of Puerto Barra have come a long way since their days of offering child sacrifices.

Back then, they hid among the trees, hunting and gathering food, and performing animistic rituals. But when a missionary preached the gospel to them in the 1970s, they embraced Jesus Christ—and a radically new way of life.

Today, their farm-based community is a beacon in the otherwise dark forests of southeastern Paraguay. And because of you, In Touch resources are there, being used by the Aché to reach their own people.

Messenger - Paraguay


The Voice of Dr. Stanley

The professional recording studio in Asunción seems a worl cement walls of the Puerto Barra school where he works as decided early in his life to follow the Lord, no matter where

For years, the Aché tribe had no discipleship resources in their native tongue. They relied on Spanish- language materials, but Spanish is not their heart language, and many of the Aché cannot read. So when the moment came, Ramon answered the call to record dozens of sermons into Aché for an In Touch Messenger. And in the process, he became the voice of Dr. Stanley for his village.

Today, Ramon and his neighbors share a goal: distributing Messengers to Aché communities along the river and surrounding areas. They are unique missionaries, using advances of the new world to impact the hearts of those still living in the old. Ramon has seen firsthand the power of the gospel to change lives—and the power of the Messenger to deliver the good news.

The In Touch Messenger, a hand-held audio device, includes recordings of the entire new testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and 65 of Dr. Stanley’s foundational messages for Christian discipleship. The material on each Messenger is provided in two languages.

Alone But Not Forgotten

Though Paraguay is her home, Mariana was a stranger to the Aché people when she first came to Puerto Barra as a schoolteacher. Living by herself in the teacher’s quarters, she was frightened and alone. And though she was able to teach her lessons in Spanish—a language the villagers understand fairly well—Mariana did not speak Aché, the everyday language of the people. But when a neighbor gave her a Spanish-language Messenger, she gained a new constant companion.

Messenger - ParaguayMariana was baptized in Puerto Barra by an In Touch staff member in 2015.

Lying awake at night, Mariana listened. She embraced Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and stepped into a new life, leaving the old behind. And little by little, as she began living for the Lord, she came to see the Aché as brothers and sisters in Him. Soon, she didn’t feel quite so alone, and today, Mariana is a spiritual mentor to young members of the tribe.

Messenger - Paraguay

Preparing the Way

When the Word of God comes, persecution often follows. But José is preparing.

He studies the Bible and reads Dr. Stanley’s 30 Life Principles curriculum to protect against seeds of error that can produce poisonous fruit. Reliable, Bible-based materials help him discern the truth and hold on to it.

Someday, foreign missionaries may not be allowed to enter Paraguay. But José knows Jesus’ command to make disciples is for every believer, not just professional evangelists. His plan is to equip other tribes in Paraguay to develop Messengers in their own languages.

José has discovered the joy of following the Lord—and through your partnership with In Touch Ministries, he is preparing for a future harvest beyond measure.

Please join us in praying for the Aché of Puerto Barra and beyond—for all who have yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Together, we are bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to people who have never heard that they can have abundant life in Him.

In every part of the world, there are stories of new life and new opportunity waiting to be written. And by God’s grace, the In Touch Messenger Lab will play a role in many of them. Won’t you join us? 

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