Coming to Our Senses

Being touched by the moments and days and weeks in Advent

In the parable in Luke 15, there is a moment when the Prodigal Son comes to his senses and realizes just how far he is from home. Some see this solely as a mental awakening. And while I believe that’s true, I also believe the physical senses were present in that moment, as he remembered the smell of home cooking and the texture of his father’s hands and waking to the sound of birdsong. It was the senses—all of them—that helped turn his heart toward home. With an overarching theme of “touch,” what follows is the first of four brief devotions to hopefully help us come to our senses (see, hear, taste, smell) during Advent, and turn our hearts toward Home.


Week One: Make the Season Bright


Week Two: Do You Hear What I Hear?


Week Three: Christmas Thanksgiving


Week Four: What Does Christmas Smell Like?


Click here for weekly Advent devotions.

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