Messengers for Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico continues to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, In Touch Ministries is providing the solar-powered Messenger with built-in flashlight and FM radio to those without electricity.

An occasional coastal breeze isn’t going to be enough to keep the 3.4 million residents of Puerto Rico safe and in good health over the next 4-6 months as they try to recover from Hurricane Maria. It’s hot, and most areas of the U.S. commonwealth are still without power and basic necessities after the category 4 storm damaged homes and destroyed the island’s already overtaxed infrastructure.

According to the Washington Post, the storm knocked out 1,360 out of 1,600 cellphone towers on the island. This complicates relief efforts and makes it difficult for families to get in touch with one another to ensure their safety. Rural communities have been isolated from the outside world for days, relying only on radios for news. “There’s no communication, that’s the problem,” said National Guard Capt. Jeff Rutkowski.

We asked our local contacts on the ground in Puerto Rico how we could help. They appreciated our concern and asked for our prayers—and Messenger devices. “We would love the Torches and Messengers for the supplementation of our Puerto Rican brothers,” said Pastor Javier Gómez. The devices are useful, as they feature a solar-powered flashlight, a FM radio, and specially–selected gospel messages from Dr. Stanley.

We are preparing to send 20,000 devices, but we’re going to send as many as we can. Every 20,000 we send affects 20,000 households—and the power of the gospel goes with it.

As we are preparing to ship these special Messengers, please be in prayer for us and our friends in Puerto Rico. There are still logistical challenges to work out as we decide how best to transport the devices and try to get feet on the ground to distribute the Messengers across the island. Please also be in prayer for these specific requests from our local contacts in Puerto Rico over the weeks and months ahead. Pray:

  • for those who have lost everything

  • for those most vulnerable (elderly, children, and those hospitalized)

  • for those who are helping one another

  • for the church--that we can leverage this opportunity to be the church for God’s glory

  • for those outside of the island who are gathering resources to help

  • for the quick reestablishment of communication

  • for good weather

  • for wisdom for our leaders (in government, church, and industry)

  • for the safety and courage of pastors and church leaders as they reach out to serve their communities

  • for healing miracles

  • for spiritual discernment, empowerment, and physical stamina for the long haul

  • for Puerto Rico as a whole–that with God’s help they will persevere through this catastrophe and emerge stronger

Recovery from this catastrophic event will surely be a long and daunting road, but we pray that, through it all, the gospel is proclaimed and God is glorified in the process.

Join us in this Messenger initiative today.

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