Ministry in Paraguay: Work Among the Aché

Down a long gravel road in rural Paraguay, beyond fields of soybean and maize, is the village of Puerto Barra—a vibrant community of Aché believers. Members of this indigenous tribe encourage one another in the faith, using the Messenger and Dr. Stanley’s Life Principles resources to study the Bible. This is their story.

In eastern Paraguay, the In Touch Messenger is helping Aché believers make inroads for the gospel among their own people—one village at a time.


Forty years ago, the Aché tribe in southeastern Paraguay exchanged centuries of hunting and gathering for a life of farming. See what life is like for the Aché today.


A mother's passion for the gospel at home has inspired her daughter's vision to share Christ far beyond their village.


Timoteo Turigi was an orphaned infant spared from death by his grandmother. Now God is using him for the gospel as pastor of the community at Puerto Barra.


From Death to Life

In the forests of Paraguay, the Spirit of God is on the move.


Rooted Together

Luis and Lilian, Paraguayan teachers to the Aché, lean on the resources of In Touch to lead tribal members deeper into their walk with Christ.


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