The Courage to Obey

How would your friends who know you best describe you – courageous or cowardly? And when you face a difficult situation what is your most overpowering emotion – self-preservation or the desire to stand strong for what is right and true?

Following God is never simple or easy for any one, it takes courage. A passion to obey God does not suddenly appear in the believer’s life. Salvation sparks love and a desire to please Him, but a courageous fire is built slowly from the timbers of spiritual knowledge, faith, and devotion.

Obedience usually begins with a fear of the consequences of disobeying. Until believers build a firm foundation of biblical knowledge and trust that offers better reasons to follow God, we are kept safe by the desire to avoid harsh repercussions.Thankfully, as we mature and gain greater scriptural wisdom, fear is replaced by recognition of God’s sovereignty and a commitment to submit to His wisdom.

Following God’s will shifts our focus from disobedience’s consequences to obedience’s blessings. Once we taste the best He has to offer, we want to keep good flowing into our lives. Obedience and God’s best are natural partners—good derives from following divine commands, while suffering results when we stubbornly choose our own way.This irrevocable principle plays out in the Bible as well as in day-to-day life. Every act of obedience is rewarded—either on earth or in heaven. As we become more aware of how blessing follows obedience, we realize that complying with the Lord’s will is the only wise choice.

As our faith grows, we will learn that blessing’s motivational power is not as strong as that of devotion. All the promised blessing in the world cannot make a believer follow God into some frightening places. But love for our Father compels us toward passionate obedience, no matter what is at stake.

The man and the woman who courageously walk with God will always reach their destination.

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