The Power of a Promise Kept

Thanks to you, a once-empty Kimbo Church library in Nairobi, Kenya, is now stocked with books on mathematics, science, history—and the good news of Jesus Christ.

“One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.”

— Psalm 145:4

As he stepped off the plane in Kenya, Dr. Charles Stanley was greeted by James, a pastor from nearby Githurai, Nairobi. Though the main purpose of the trip was to take photographs of African wildlife, Dr. Stanley couldn't help but feel that God wanted this meeting to be about more than a ride from the airport.

Get Involved - Library Pastor James gives a tour of the new library to an In Touch staffer.

Pastor James has been a close friend of In Touch Ministries since 2010. Back then, a team from Water Missions International, a strategic ministry partner of In Touch, completed a safe water project in his community. Several In Touch staff went along on that trip to deliver In Touch Messengers, which James has used to disciple the men and women of his village.

The following year, members of the In Touch team returned with more Messengers, but they also brought some used computer equipment—enough to build a new computer lab for the local school. Since that time, the school has seen test scores rise, and many adults have learned essential skills that have helped them find new opportunities in our ever-changing world. 

Get Involved - Library

But Pastor James had a new dream: a library. As he drove Dr. Stanley and the members of his team through Nairobi, James shared his heart. Students in Githurai live without electricity in their homes, so studying can be a challenge. They also have limited access to books—especially Christian books. As Dr. Stanley listened to James, he knew what God wanted him to do. “You build that library,” he said, “and we’ll make sure you have all the books you need.”

As our partners in gospel ministry, we wanted to share a good report with you: In January of this year, Pastor James completed the construction of the new library—right next to the PEFA Kimbo All Nations Gospel Church and the village’s safe water well. And as Dr. Stanley promised, In Touch Ministries stocked the shelves with books on math, history, science, and of course, books about the good news of Jesus Christ. 

This story is just one example of how you’re helping us show the love of Jesus Christ to people in need. Thank you. 

Correction: In the original print article, Pastor James’ village was incorrectly identified as Kimbo rather than Githurai. This online version corrects the error.

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4 One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.

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