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"Be hospitable to one another without complaint. As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God." – 1 Peter 4: 9-10

As Christians, we have a responsibility to welcome outsiders with humility, love, and generosity. Each time we do, we are fulfilling God's will by extending a kind of gracious and unifying spirit. So let's be sure to never overlook an opportunity to show authentic Christian hospitality to others, especially strangers.

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In our walk with God, it is uplifting to hear kind, positive, and comforting words from those closest to us. God is our Great Encourager, and He calls upon us to support one another. Watch as Dr. Stanley uses Scripture to teach us how we can build others up and strengthen them in the faith.


God has commanded us to exhibit kindness to both fellow believers and strangers by acting out hospitality. But it isn't always possible to invite people into our home because of certain situations. Showing hospitality isn't always easy or convenient, but continually doing small things in our daily lives ensures that God receives more and more praises.

10 easy ways to "extend welcome" without killing yourself:

  1. Work matters
    Be a force for welcome and fun by becoming the "snacks fairy" at work! Is a coworker pregnant? Volunteer to organize the baby shower!

  2. Host creatively
    Can't host at your home? Plan a meetup at the local park or pavilion, and enjoy the time spent cooking (and cleaning up) together.

Continue reading "Ten Tips for Making Room" to learn ways you can show hospitality without having a home.


Scripture recited from memory can provide the knowledge you need when you need it the most. In your personal journal or on a sheet of paper, write down one or two Bible verses for memorization. To get started, you can use these verses centered on this month's theme of hospitality: 3 John 1:5 and Romans 13:10.


This month, we learned the importance of extending welcome and affection to both believers and nonbelievers, whether they are strangers or friends. Let this prayer guide you as you consider how you can show compassion to everyone you meet: 

"Heavenly Father, Your kindness, love, and sacrifice have given me an example to follow in my own life. Help me reflect those attributes in my interactions with others. Lord, give me eyes to see the needs of people around me and, if it's Your will, to meet them with generosity. I pray You would give me a heart full of love for my neighbors as well as the strangers I meet. Fill me, Holy Spirit, with courage to risk loving my enemies, and show me opportunities to be more welcoming. Help me to be an extension of Your hospitality in the world. Amen." 

May God bless you as you put this prayer into action today.