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January: Who and What Are We?

Who we are as the body of Christ in 2019 has everything to do with the wisdom and sacrifices of those who came before us. Unfortunately, we often live as if the contemporary church were an island in time, cut off from the influence of the past and without regard for its impact on the future. So, join us this month as we learn the value of church history and explore our personal spiritual roots.
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A Strong Church

The church is not defined by a building, but rather by lives committed to loving God and serving people in His name. Watch as Dr. Stanley explains how our churches must have a vision to spread the gospel in their communities and around the world--and how when we are committed to it, God will open doors of opportunity.

My Spiritual Family Tree

Think about the people who shaped your walk with God. In what ways does your faith look like theirs? What beliefs and behaviors did you inherit from them? Download this Spiritual Family Tree to record the names of those who have influenced your walk of faith. When finished, you can save and frame this document to create a special family heirloom.


A Guiding Prayer

Help me, Lord, to be humble and curious as I look beyond my personal experience of faith in the here and now. Show me how You’ve been working in ways, places, and people that are foreign to me. Guide me, Holy Spirit, as You open my eyes to the history of the faithful.

Great Job!

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