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Even though together we make up the body of Christ, that doesn’t mean we’re all the same. On the contrary, God has equipped each of us to contribute to the health of His body in a way only we can. This month, learn how you can discover these gifts and what it looks like to offer them for the good of the whole church.

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One of the greatest tragedies is for a person to live his life with no purpose, sense of direction, or goals. Do you know what you are living for? In this message, Dr. Stanley reminds us that God gives us talents, abilities, and skills to use for the purpose of serving others. So let’s learn to put these gifts to work as God’s good stewards.


God has equipped each of us with spiritual gifts. Do you know which ones God has given to you? Select a gift from the following list to hear Dr. Stanley share a special message about how God empowers people with that gift to serve others.

  • The gift of prophecy leads a person to confront evil, hypocrisy, error, and false conclusions.
  • A person with the gift of service is alert to the practical needs of others and has a desire to meet those needs.
  • The gift of teaching manifests itself in a deep desire to instruct others about the Bible and who God is.
  • If you have the gift of exhortation, your desire is to encourage other believers to stay in step with God.
  • Leadership as a spiritual gift means a person has the ability to influence and empower others for the sake of God’s kingdom.
  • In the church, the gift of giving shows up in people who find great joy in generously supporting the kingdom of God with their time and resources.
  • The gift of mercy is usually evident as a deep tenderness toward others, displayed through acts of kindness and empathy.

Are you still unsure about your spiritual gifts? Download this list and ask a few trusted brothers and sisters in Christ what gifts they see in you—and be sure to seek confirmation from the Holy Spirit.


God has given every one of us gifts for the purpose of serving His church, but if we’re not careful, we can use them in selfish, fallen ways. So how do we know if we’re operating in a healthy or unhealthy manner? Download this Spiritual Gifts Checkup to help you assess your spiritual health.



Dr. Stanley teaches us that there are many ways, besides spiritual gifts, that God has blessed the church:

“Jesus’ last act before returning to His Father was to bless those first members of His church. In fact, everything about the church is the result of God’s grace. Sometimes we think of grace as simply the way we are saved, but it’s actually the means by which we exist as God’s people. The church was founded by grace, is kept by grace, and will reach its culmination by the grace of God. From beginning to end, the church has been showered with blessings and gifts from the Lord.”

– Charles F. Stanley, In Touch Magazine

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I am so humbled to be a part of Your church on earth. Thank You for giving me a place among Your people, thereby fulfilling my desire to be significant in this world. God, would You open my eyes to all the ways in which You have equipped me to serve? Teach me, Lord, how to partner with fellow believers in Your divine ministry. And help me see how I can strengthen the gifts of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.