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The Believer's War Room

If you want to hear God’s voice and have His help in the fight, discover how a specific place to pray can make all the difference.

Strong Friendships - Part 2

Build your friendships God’s way: with wisdom, sacrificial love, and enduring commitment.

Strong Friendships - Part 1

When you discover a true friend, do you know how to cultivate that relationship into something truly beautiful?

Adversity – Burden Or Bridge?

Adversity can be an overwhelming burden or a bridge that can take you to a place of indescribable intimacy with God.

Trembling At God's Word

God is impressed by our desire when we yield ourselves to His awesome Word.

The Downward Path To A Broken Life

The world is full of miserable people. You don’t have to be one of them.

The Priority of Prayer

As believers, prayer is our most profitable activity.

Making Wise Decisions

Decisions don’t have to be stressful.

What Does Obedience Require?

Obeying God is not an option for believers; it is a requirement.

Obedience In The Life Of The Believer

Obedience or rebellion—with God there is no middle ground.

Are You Getting in God's Way?

Learn how and when to “back off“ by becoming more aware of God’s protective love for others.

Being An Encourager

Encouragement is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

The Bible: More Than a Book

The Bible is no ordinary book; it is the unfolding revelation of almighty God.

Why Do We Waver In Our Faith?

What happens when we waver between our own thoughts and those of our Lord?

Your Convictions About The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

The good news isn’t just that Jesus died for our sins. It’s that He rose again!

Your Convictions About The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ

We may feel far removed from the events that happened at Calgary that day, but the crucifixion of Jesus still remains at the heart of the Christian life.

A Warning Against Drifting

Drifting is dangerous. It’s time for Christians to anchor themselves in the Word of God.

Your Convictions About Eternal Security

All who are in Christ have the precious gift of knowing their eternal destination.

Your Convictions About Prayer

Does God really answer the prayers of His children?

Your Convictions About God

Amid the various opinions about God's character, strength, and will, what do you believe about God?

Your Convictions About The Bible

Of all the books ever written, there is only one that is utterly infallible, timeless, and completely trustworthy—the Bible.

Your Personal Convictions

Do you live a life of compromise or conviction?

The Key To Answered Prayer

Are you using prayer to develop your intimacy with God?

The Requirements of Obedience

How do you define obedience?

The Faith To Follow

Whether you are lost or saved, you exercise belief by what you do.

Listening To God

When we stop striving and dive into God's word, we open the door to experience His many blessings.

Guided By God

We must completely surrender to God if our actions are to reflect His glory.

Because He Lives

The resurrection isn’t just hope for the future; it’s power in the present.

Right Thinking About Death and Resurrection

There is no reason to fear death if we honestly make a decision to trust Jesus and enter into a personal relationship with Him.

Thanksgiving In The Midst Of Adversity

With gratitude comes a whole host of benefits—greater awareness of His presence, increased trust, and decreased anxiety.

In The Midst Of Adversity

With gratitude comes a whole host of benefits—greater awareness of His presence, increased trust, and decreased anxiety.

Growing In Our Adversity

Like any good father, God wants to see His children grow.

An Intimate Look At Adversity

Adversity is a universal human experience—and not one that we particularly enjoy.

The Great I Am

The sacredness of God’s name represents all that He is.

The Good Side Of Inadequacy

It’s natural and normal to feel inadequate. But can any good come from it? Yes, because it can be an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Those Feelings Of Inadequacy

No one is adequate within themselves to be saved or to serve God effectively.

When We Don't Understand Why

What is a mystery to us is never a mystery to God.

The Love of God

There’s no greater love than the divine, unconditional love God offers. It’s up to us to embrace it.

Peace on Earth

Our peace should be based on a relationship—a relationship to one Person, and that’s Jesus Christ.

The Celebration of Christmas

In this sermon, Dr. Stanley explores a biblical story of hopelessness and how Jesus can change our hopeless perspective into joy we can only imagine.

When All Hope Is Gone

In this sermon, Dr. Stanley explores a biblical story of hopelessness and how Jesus can change our hopeless perspective into joy we can only imagine.

Is Something Missing In Your Life?

If you look at your life and feel you need a change, ask yourself what’s missing?

Overflowing with Gratitude

As Christians, we have so much for which to be thankful.

To Whom Are You Listening?

Do we let instant communication, and entertainment drown out the voice of God?

Real Freedom

The word “freedom” is usually associated with the right to live as we please and pursue our ambitions and dreams.

Obeying God

Partial obedience is the greatest enemy to obedience.

Lessons Learned in the Temptation of Jesus

We live in a corrupt world where temptation is a part of everyday life.

The Missing Link

To live victoriously, our sin should result in sorrow and repentance.

How to Claim A Promise

Our entire belief system is based on the promises of God, and we can trust Him to be faithful to keep them all.

The Fulfillment of a Promise

God offers us many wonderful promises in His Word. Are we taking advantage of them?

God's Precious Promises

Many Christians are spiritually wealthy, but don't act like it and often choose to live as paupers. Unfortunately, many believers don't understand their true wealth. In this message, Dr. Stanley shares the rich promises to remember about our faith.

Our God of Promise

The entire Christian life is built on promises, including those for eternal life and resurrection. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains why we know God will keep His promises—because He is truthful, faithful, immutable, and loving.

Loving God

If you ask the average person if he loves God, his answer will probably be “yes.” However, words alone are not proof of love. In fact, we use the word love rather loosely, ascribing it to the most treasured people in our lives as well as our trivial preferences.

Thinking Through Your Friendships

Friendships are a gift from God, and the most blessed one is with Him.

Dealing With Anxiety

Our anxiety should be placed in the hands of the Father who knows all things.

Meditating on the Word of God

What are the benefits of meditating on God's Word?

False Doctrine

Help your children overcome spiritual dangers by teaching them Scriptural truths.

God's Stress Remover

Only God can provide the ultimate solution to your anxious feelings.

Starved For Love

Trying to fill that empty place in your life with things?

Walking in the Way of a Father

A father’s integrity and godly behavior is one of the strongest testimonies his children will ever receive.

Putting Prayer First

Why do we experience so much weakness in our lives? Could it be we aren’t listening to God?

A Cry for Comfort

If you’ve trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you never have to go through trials alone.

A Call to Prayer

It is only when we seek God, turn from our sin, and submit to His will that our nation—and our world—will be free.

Dealing with Temptation Wisely

If we want to behave in a godly manner, we have to learn the right way to deal with temptation.

Wisdom in the Midst of Trials

Wisdom can help us discern the source of our hardships–and their purpose.

In Search of Wisdom

What is true, godly wisdom?

Living Wisely or Foolishly

What is the difference between godly wisdom and human wisdom?


Why do Christians face such persecution, and how we can respond to it in a godly manner?

Waiting On God's Timing, Part 2

Waiting On God's Timing, Part 1